United Brothers School of Munoz

The United Brothers School of Munoz welcomes children from the surrounding bateys from preschool to 4th grade. The school is located next to our Fair Trade Art Shop. The sounds of children singing (as they do every Friday), reciting the alphabet, or laughing and playing during recess can almost always be heard during school hours (Monday-Friday 8 am - 12 pm).

The school was created for the many students in the area that previously did not have any access to education, the majority of whom are Haitian children. Our local, qualified teachers, Jacob and Daisy, take on the big and important tasks of teaching discipline and respect, among the usual educational needs of learning reading, writing, and mathematics. Our students are taught in Creole and Spanish in order to nurture their native language while encouraging them to assimilate into Dominican culture by conquering the local language.

Previously, one of our teachers managed a class of about thirty kids from first grade to fourth. We are happy to welcome our new assistant teacher, Filo, into the classroom to lend him a much needed helping hand!

Get involved!!

Project Esperanza is always open to further support and sponsors for the United Brothers School of Munoz. To help, you can sponsor a teacher, a classroom, a student, or just donate as much as you feel inclined to in order to contribute to the school´s rent and classroom materials!

Contact us at esperanzainmunoz@gmail.com with any questions, contributions, or comments!

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