Eco-Construction Projects

In Munoz, we´re always getting started or working on a project. Whether it´s making solar ovens to bake cookies out of cardboard boxes and tinfoil or making solar lamps for houses out of bottles or making piggie banks with kids out of plastic bottles and paint, we always have something in the works! 

A census done in one of the three bateyes in Muñoz in 2012 showed that 78% of the batey's residents have no toilet to use at their house, either indoor or outdoor. This is one of the community's biggest requests for aid. For this reason, we constructed a model human compost toilet at the United Brothers School of Muñoz and have educated community members on its use. We have also conducted a survey to assess interest and commitment in such an effort of placing human compost toilets throughout the community. This is one eco-construction project that we hope to replicate throughout the community! To sponsor a human compost toilet, contact us at The cost of a human compost toilet is only $200! Any contribution you can make helps! 

We always welcome new and fresh ideas and volunteers to carry them out, so contact us if this type of initiative excites you! 

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