Get involved!

Ways to Help:

1. Sponsor a student. 

Your sponsorship for a student can cover their transportation to school, their uniform, their school materials, and school lunches. As a sponsor, you´ll stay connected to your student with updates, photos, and their latest schoolwork.  Contact to get set up. To bring all of this to a student, it´s only about $100 a year! All of these students are so eager and excited to learn- your sponsorship is greatly appreciated!

2. Sponsor a tree for a family. 

We have identified a plot of land in Munoz, accessible to our beneficiaries all over Puerto Plata. This is the most inexpensive land close to town. Each tree needs 3 square meters. To provide a family with one cacao tree, which after 7 years will produce enough seeds to earn more than $70 per year, is only $60! It is our hope that this land will become a sustainable source of income for families in Munoz as well as serve as an educational agricultural example for the local community. Contact to get set up or get more information! 

3. Sponsor a human compost toilet. 

As an attempt to fill the community´s need for toilets, we hope to construct human compost toilets all throughout the bateys in Munoz. The cost of one toilet is $200. Anything you can give helps! Contact for more information! 

4. Volunteer with us! 

We LOVE welcoming new volunteers to our Project Esperanza family. If you have the time or opportunity to visit us during the summer for our ¨Cambia Mis Estrellas¨ summer camp, your help is welcome and appreciated! For other volunteers with more experience or who are looking for a more independent volunteer experience, volunteers are encouraged to stay at our volunteer house any time of the year for however long they are able in order to volunteer at our schools, help out with social media, assist in our free trade art shop, or any other number of volunteer opportunities. 

If you aren´t able to travel down to visit us but you still want to be involved, you can!! Hosting a fundraising party, gaining awareness in your local community, or starting a club or organization in your local school are all wonderful ideas for helping Project Esperanza from your home. If you want to build a relationship with us and help out our cause from afar, contact us! 

For all of your volunteer inquiries and interests, contact

Les esperamos! 

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