Sustainability Projects

Project Esperanza is currently trying to start up an economic opportunity for the families of Munoz to nurture and make money off of cacao trees. If you're interested in sponsoring a tree for a family, you can be assured that it will be a donation that will continue to give and give. For more information, watch our YouTube video below!

Project Esperanza has also been developing sustainable recycling projects in Munoz (as well as our other site in Padre Granero-!). In Padre Granero, we've been successful in getting the kids excited and onboard with recycling. After enough recyclables have been gathered, the "best recyclers" get to go to Santiago to a company that buys the recycalbes and remakes them. It has become a small sustainable source of income in Padre Granero and we are in the process of developing it in Munoz! With education, activities, and communal days of gathering recyclables, we plan on bringing recycling as a process to Munoz to clean up the area as well as be a sustainable source of income-!

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