Fair Trade Art Shop

Munoz is home to Project Esperanza´s Fair Trade Art Shop, in which you can find all kinds of home made beautiful treasures- from bracelets to paintings to hats to baskets and more. Each piece was created with care and attention from individuals in the surrounding batey areas in Munoz and Puerto Plata, many of whom are Haitian immigrants that bring unique artistic creativity and passion to their work. The majority of the proceeds (60%) go to the artists themselves, proceeds which make a big positive difference in the lives of the artists! The rest of the proceeds go to the rent for the art shop and the local community members who work in the store, and the remaining 10% goes to Project Esperanza to keep amazing initiatives like this moving forward!

For those in the area, our art shop is on the Calle Principal in Munoz, in a blue tiled building. Come see us! For those of our friends and supporters who can´t as easily make the short journey to our shop, we have an online store that sports all of our products.

Visit our online store at http://esperanzameanshope.storenvy.com/!

While our art shop has made huge progress and has contributed to economic development in the area, we aren´t satisfied yet-! We have big plans for our future. Project Esperanza plans to begin a small coffee distribution and provide a comfortable and positive atmosphere for our customers and friends to enjoy a cup of cafe as they shop. Your support as an online or in the shop customer will help us achieve our goals and continue to stimulate Munoz´s economy.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at art@esperanzameanshope.org

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