Wednesday, January 28, 2015

La Vida in Munoz!

Welcome to Project Esperanza´s blog for all things Munoz!

Munoz is home to Project Esperanza´s Fair Trade Art Shop, the Volunteer Program, the United Brothers School of Munoz, and the sustainability and eco-construction projects that the school and volunteer take on collaboratively. So, as you can imagine, we´ve always got a lot going on. But the weather, people, and positivity of the region- the life!- keeps us full of energy and always moving forward. Entonces, our Munoz blog is your go-to informer for all iniatives specifically Munoz.

Most recently, we´ve been getting the Munoz students excited about recycling, moving forward with the organization ¨Sewing My Future¨ in the production of beautiful hats and bags sewed by local Munoz women, and making some changes in the school to better teach and nurture the students.

As you might know, the recycling iniative in the Padre Granero school has been quite successful. Students have been learning about recycling and collecting bottles, cardboard, and metal cans from around the neighborhood. After students have collected enough recyclables, several ¨star recyclers¨ get to accompany an adult to the recycling center in Santiago, where a company purchases the recyclables and a small profit is turned to benefit the school. Excited about the success of the project in Padre Granero, we´ve started to implement the project in the United Brothers School (UBSM) in Munoz. Recently, after learning about the difference between artificial and natural materials, we had our first big collection day. Kids got so excited about picking up recyclables, one student (Joendi) even donned a trash bag as a cape to really get in the recycling mood.

We were visited last week in the art shop by Julie Baker with ¨Sewing My Future.¨ She began to train the ladies of Munoz to sew specific designs of beautiful hats and backpacks. We can´t wait to get more women trained, more products sewn, and to put them up on our website and sport them in our store! Stay tuned.

Although the winter months aren´t the busiest months with volunteers, Project Esperanza still has its hands full of exciting iniatives and continual, sustainable projects. If you´re interested in volunteering or getting involved somehow... you know how to reach us! and